Minimus 1010 Trail – Tie Dye Limited Edition
Minimus 1010 Trail introduces a new kind of minimal fit to the performance driven runner.

Extremely lightweight, stylish upper and excellent forefoot protection, this 4mm drop minimalist shoe helps you go the distance while protecting your feet on uneven trail terrains.

This pair of limited edition of the 1010 is a unique design with a tie dye print upper for that stylish look.

Minimus 1010 Trail Tie Dye for Men

Minimus 1010 Trail Tie Dye for Men

Available colors for MEN

  • Blue with Red & Yellow
  • Yellow with Red & Blue

Available colors for WOMEN

  • Blue Ashes with Yellow & Orange

Where to Buy?

Minimus 1010 Trail can only be found at New Balance Online Store and the recommended retail price for the Men’s pair is $109.99 while the Women’s pair is going for $99.99.

You may also check out the outlet to see if there is any savings for this pair of trail running shoe.